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Explain the concept and purpose of mobility.

Explain the concept and purpose of mobility. Take an account of the promotion practice in your organization or an organization you are familiar with and give a brief note on that, Describe the organization you are referring to.

A workers job may change following his promotion, demotion, transfer or separation. The effect of a job should never be underestimated. Every job change affects the entire organization. The whole organization tends to be affected by change in any part of it. One promotion in a plant leads to a chain of 10 other promotions, some of them requiring moves to another city. similarly, hundreds of employees may be affected by one lay-off. As a result of job change, employees are required to make new adjustments. Employees generally resist those changes which result in their dislocation
by requiring new habit patterns or sacrifice on their part. But this tendency is offset by their desire for new experience and for the rewards that come with change. This is known as mobility.
It is the responsibility of management to handle change in such a way that the employees resistance is reduced to the least following three methods may be adopted by management to cause people to accept the changes or mobility.
(i) Alteration in the environmental forces affecting the employees.
(ii) Alteration in the persons perception of the forces affecting the employees.
(iii) Alteration in the basic value system of the persons involved in the change.

From the company’s point of view, mobility have following four useful
1. Mobility help in improving the organization structure:-
Decisions to abolish superfluous positions on the organization chart, to change job descriptions and to make clear cut authority delegations generally require for their execution and number of jobs changes and position reassignments.
2. To maximize employee effectiveness:-
Through mobility employees is assigned to positions where their capabilities may be used to the maximum.
3. Mobility help management in adjusting to changes in operations
Mobility is used in adjusting company operation to changing economic conditions. In periods of recession, when total manpower requirements of a company fall, lay offs help management to reduce its direct labour costs by adjusting the work force to the operating level. Transfer are also made in the process of economic adjustment to make best utilization of the number of the workers left after lay offs.
4. Mobility functions tools of disciplinary action:-
Demotions and lay offs are sometimes used to punish a worker for they cause him a loss of status and earnings.
This is a next generation group company and was established in 1992.

It is one of the leading groups in the Information Technology Industry. The group has six companies out of which three are extensively helping Indian industries to adopt and appreciate the latest technology and the other three companies are US based.
In Indian the company acts as a distributor of a certain software which has created a niche for itself in the market. It was invariably the first to bring a new technology to India with regard to client/server.
In Apollo software employees are given promotions to higher posts and positions as and when vacancies are available or when new posts are created at the higher levels promotions are quite common in all types of employment. Promotion is treated as a better policy as compared to direct recruitment at the higher level posts. Even in government department, promotions are given on the basis of seniority or merit or both promotions are also common in the case of banks, insurance companies and other establishments.
Promotion means giving higher position to an employee which carries means status, more responsibilities and higher salary. Higher status and salary are the two important features of a promotion. The purpose of a promotion is to staff a vacancy which, in general, is worth more to the organization than the incumbent’s present position. In other words, promotion means advancement of an employee to a higher post with greater responsibilities and higher salary. better service conditions and higher status.

When the scale of salary of an employee is increased without corresponding change in job, it is called upgrading. The job itself may be upgraded to a higher scale of pay; or if there are variable scales of pay for the same job according to the skills required, upgrading may mean moving to a higher scale without changing the job. But promotion involves a change in salary grade of job and status. Both promotion and up gradation are devices used by management to reward employees for better performance and to increase their morale. They generate in the employee a sense of loyalty to the organization and stimulate him for greater effort to get further promotions.
In Apollo software promotion is used as a means of filling up vacancies in higher or senior positions. Whenever a higher post falls vacant, sound personnel policy requires that is filled up by promotion from with in the organization if a person of required skills, ability and caliber is available. If all such vacancies are filled up from outside, there is no inducement
for the existing staff to improve their efficiency. Absence of such prospects is apt to make the employees dissatisfied, demoralized and frustrated. This is reflected in low quality output, wastage, absenteeism, indiscipline and turnover of employees. The morale of the working is also by low and promotion from with in to fill up the senior post have the following advantages:-
(i) Insiders are intimately connected with organization structure, production process, products and different problems and they can handle the new jobs easily.

(ii) It keeps the morale of the employees high.
(iii) It ensures sincere effort on the part of employees because they know that they may rise to senior positions by promotions.
(iv) The costs of training the insiders on the senior posts is less.

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